Wednesday, 29 February 2012

"A Very Late New Years Resolution"

If the title of this blog entry were a film, it would probably be a sassy rom-com, in which Katherine Heigl plays a strong minded woman who can't find a boyfriend, so makes a wish on New Years Eve that she will find love. (For the readers desperate to know, by the time the end credits would have rolled, she'd of found a man, lost him, realised that she loved him, and stopped him getting on that Bus to New Orleans and obviously they'd of ended up together. Or at least for like, 6 weeks.) However, this is not a cliched and worn out rom-com staring Katherine Heigl, (I just like to say the same. Heigl. Heigl. it makes me giggle...) this is my first ever blog entry. (Hoorah!)

I promised myself on New Years Eve that I would start a blog, and it is now March which, obviously, proves I am a very lazy person. However, enough with the negativity! It's done, this is my first post! I finally kept a resolution! 

So, what exactly is "Luke Parry's Thumbs Up" about I hear you ask. Well, it's my chance to get my writing out into the big bad world. Here at 'Thumb's Up' you'll find everything and anything film and TV related (and perhaps the odd drunken rambling about Justin Bieber and his apocalyptic plans for the Earth). News, excitement, disappointment and most importantly reviews.

What makes this, and me, different to any other wise arse out there on the blogs-sphere trying to keep a funny yet engaging blog about the Film World? Truthfully? Not a damn thing, but, keep reading and maybe you'll find a review helpful, or a news article really interesting. Either way, it took me this long to actually create a blog, and I'm not going anywhere now, so stick around, read my entries, comment if you'd like, and spread the word.

Thank You Very Much, 
Luke Parry.